Zvířetník is a suite of three independent piano pieces, and its parts can be performed separately, in any combination, or as one bigger whole. Each piece has been inspired by an imaginary three-part animal that has the head of one real-life animal, the middle body of another, and the back part of a third one. The pieces are named after the Czech names of these part-animals – for example, a vrbíkorožec has the head of a crow (VRána), the middle body of a lesser jerboa rodent (tarBÍKO myš), and the rear part of a rhinoceros (nosoROŽEC). If you want, you may search for features of these animals in the music, but primarily they have inspired these pieces’ willingness to quickly jump between different emotions, speeds, and sonic landscapes.​​​​​​​

Mariola Aniolek premiered the third piece "Pákrágr" at Kalliosali in Helsinki January 4th, 2023.