As composer

Vinous is a 12-minute, single-movement piece for 10 players. The elixir of inspiration for this piece bubbled from the word vinous, referring not only to wine-like qualities in English but also to slant, tilt, or obliqueness in my mother tongue Finnish. The piece is a celebration of everything that is a bit wonky, out of sorts, and not quite straight. I hope it takes you the listener on an intoxicating trip through hazy jazz bars, French art nouveau bistros with music playing from old gramophones, and Dionysian all-night romps.
Vinous was premiered in the Camerata Hall of the Music Centre in Helsinki, Finland, 27th May, 2024.

Performed by Zagros Ensemble conducted by Petri Komulainen

Hanna Kinnunen, flute
Ella York, oboe
Mikko Raasakka, clarinet
Touko Leinonen, percussion
Lambis Pavlou, piano
Kaisa Kallinen, violin
Aino Szalai, violin
Katrīna Pelnēna, viola
Eeva Rysä, cello
Sampo Lassila, contrabass
MMM (Myynnissä myös muualla)
MMM (Myynnissä myös muualla) is an 8-minute, single-movement piece for flute, guitar, accordion, and cello.
The work was composed for HISS Quartet's project "Crossings", carried out in collaboration with Korvat Auki association. It is a questionable ode to the pseudo-communal world of online marketplaces. We created an efficient vocabulary to communicate our needs in these situations and minimised any human interaction needed in order to bypass the gigantic commercial forces, yet instead of embracing the communal aspects, we only use the forums to achieve individualistic goals. But if you look carefully, maybe there is a trace of real human encounter left in these modern, urban transactions.
MMM was premiered at Kansallissali in Helsinki, Finland, 11th November, 2023.

HISS Quartet
Livia Schweizer, flute
Teuvo Taimioja, guitar
Manca Dornik, accordion
Artturi Aalto, cello
Video by Tuomas Tenkanen and Anna-Maria Viksten.
Dedicated to my sister Maaria for her 30th birthday!